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Mad Drivers

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Cars demolish into half their seize. Some even look like papers that are crumbled. This is only one of the effects of drinking and driving leaves. Today drinking drivers affect every one. I want most of these people off the streets that are part of my life.

Today alcohol is having an impact on American’s society. According to the web cite, in 2005 48 with ages 14 and younger children lost their lives as pedestrians or pedacyclists by an impaired driver. Another fact is the 3 leading causes deaths of 15-24 year olds are automobile crashes, homicide, and suicide. Alcohol is the leading for these 3 factors. Then about 16,885 people in the United States died from alcohol-motor vehicle incidents. Many of these drivers have died because their life was taken away by a drunk driver crash accident. Finally one of the worst parts is that AZ is within 5 of the top rates of fatal alcohol related crashes. This is accordingly to

Drinking and driving has left devastating casualties. According to, each year the U.S spends about 51 billion dollars on alcohol related crashes. No One is safe! Over the years Princess Diana was killed for an incident evolving a drunk driver. According to, alcohol related crashed during 2005 represent an average of one alcohol related fatality every 31 minutes. Also an average of one person has bin injured approximately every 2 minutes. Casualties cause an impact on the United States. The casualties are just one part of drinking and driving.
Drinking and driving is basically part of every ones life. Weather your walking home all the way to you driving some place. Many innocent people die for these incidents. Families also bin torn apart. When peoples loved ones are killed they develop stress and sadness. When people are sad what do they do? They don’t perform like they normally do. Some times people do bad decisions because of their stress problem. They fell as if there may not be another alternative.

Of course people are always going to have a different viewpoint. On the opposite side we got people that say things like “there’s always bin drunk drivers”. Well there has but why continue? Why should you have a risk of dying because of irresponsible people drinking? Another thing opponent’s say is “we already have D.U.I’s“. Many of these people that get these D.U.I’s get caught drinking and driving again! So if your doing this chances are that you will be punished with the weight of the law.

To my conclusion drinking and driving should be stopped! People shouldn’t die jus because these people are drinking. They should make a bigger price for those that drink and drive. There is many solutions that haven’t bin taken. Why should you be in danger because of this?

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this is so lame

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It's an escape, such as everything else in our society. I pray on my dear life someone sees what theyre doing wrong and put a stop to this maddness.

Robyn said...
on Nov. 17 2009 at 5:59 am
is there any peoples opions about alcohol please i relly need some