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Too much attention

January 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I feel that everybody put their life on hold and is concern over celebrity. LIke for example, in any type of music teen girls /boys are so into music.Everything that happens to a group or a solo aritist teens are the first to know. There are webistes to know so much about the artsit bussiness. THe artist shouln't put their whole lifeline about who they are on awebsites. Because there are crazy people out there that take people bussiness and sell it. To the tabloids to make money. Well, it's okay to like that person but to be extrmemly crazy over them. Now that is to much for me. I like celebrity but I don't care about thay hurt this well thay did that. I have my own life to live. The television shows are the worst. THey are the main problems why people are so obbessed with celebrites. Like, talk shows always talk about celebrities and who cares no one wants to hear that really. I can't lie but i like entertain shows but I don't like whaen thay talk about people personal life.

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