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January 10, 2010
By alyssamichele SILVER, Houston, Texas
alyssamichele SILVER, Houston, Texas
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The world is changing every second with new technological advancements. The advancements have the most effect on younger generations because they are so prone and ignorant to the fact that what’s hot might not be what’s best. Like little shadows the teenagers follow the scandalous inventors until the inventors’ creations are their life’s consumption. Taking the Internet for example: the access to gathering information is there, but the openness to express that information through technology is almost invisible. Technology is restraining younger generation’s ability to express what they truly feel, neglecting the fact that on the Internet, they can act like a different person. The Internet only causes the insecure users to feel worse about themselves because they feel like a better life is in front of them, and they just can’t change the life they’re living.

Technological advancements are becoming more apparent as the world matures. According to Jen Harris technology “deepens an individual’s walking through the world. Technology brings the society closer to the world.” Technology brings the society closer to the world, which is a goal that everyone should achieve (Source D). She then goes on to say that she is willing to give up a little of her social abilities to receive that feeling of walking through the world. Jean-Francois Coget also adds that technology allows “online relationships to form” (Source D). Online relationships are a shaky subject due to the fact that most of the time the people looking for relationships don’t even know who they are talking to, or what that person’s history is. The only information that the relationship hunter receives is what the Internet person decides to put on their “About Me” page. Many individuals decide that it is okay to change the way they act to agree with advancing technology. “Individuals tend to adjust their behavior in response to limitations of technology by compensating for the loss of non-verbal communicative cues through expressing their emotions in words,” according to Source C. The Internet allows online relationships to form and allow people to always be who they dreamed of being.

The Internet causes social skills to diminish and only leads to problems. Many people use the Internet as source of safe-haven from the real world. A recent study was done at Carnegie Mellon University it “concluded that Internet use leads to small but statistically significant increase in misery and loneliness and a decline in overall psychological well-being” (Source B). The Internet allows a person to be whomever they decide, and after they experience their “perfect” life, they feel misery because they know that what they experienced was only a fairytale, and they have to go back to the normal world. After looking at the chart made by Norman Nie, people may conclude that people who involve themselves into the Internet too much have spent on average one hundred-two less minutes with family and thirty-one less minutes with friends. This may not seem like a lot, but counting it up that almost ten hours less a week spent with family (Source F). Pretty soon children may be allowed to go to school off the computer. Going to school off a computer may cause a child to be deprived of natural lessons like “raising their hands to speak, not talking when others are talking, not chewing gum, …etc” (Source A). The lack of natural rules will cause a child to become careless around authority figures and will only cause them to become disruptive. Technology clearly hurts individuals and their ability to socialize and follow rules.

Overall, many people resort to the Internet when they begin to feel self-pity or have lost their self-confidence. After doing researches, it has been proven that the Internet doesn’t help mental or emotional problems, but only increases them. The Internet should not be used without consideration. The Internet may be a useful tool, but people have to treat it as a resource, and not a medicine.

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ninja said...
on Feb. 18 2010 at 9:06 am
wow I absolutely love this paper. your words are so strong, I wish I was as strong of a writer as you are.