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Under The Microscope

March 7, 2010
By CoffeeShopChick BRONZE, Rawr, New Jersey
CoffeeShopChick BRONZE, Rawr, New Jersey
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I turn on the T.V, I see a once popular celebrity. They're all the same. We grew up with them, or rather watching them. They were perfect, or so we thought. Then they grew up under the microscope, and know instead of watching them sing and play the piano, we see them drunk and stumbling over.

I know everyone has these ideas about ceebritys. That its there fault there the way they are. Almost everyone's the same they see someone like Britney and Say , " how could she be so stupid? she knows shes being watched, she has a choice. how could she screw us over?"
but when you think about it, howis her choices messing with us? how is her life effecting mine in any way? People like to beleive that celebritys have a choice but the truth is, there to much UNDER THE MICROSCOPE to have any say in what they do. Once you stop and think about it, when theres people spreading rumors throughout the world about you, and strangers following you everywhere, is there really any other option than to change, or rebell?

I know that being a celebrity seems like a big deal, and thats why we watch them, but there not up there dealing with all this because they want to be Famous.. there up there representing the world because they love there job.
Everyone tells us that tabliods lie, yet we still continue to read them. We know its not true but we still beleive it. Celebritys donate millions of dollars to charity and raise awarness about causes all over the world, but is that featured in the magazines? No, but if they would have fell on there face on the red carpet, it would have been plastered all over the covers.
It isnt celebritys fault that they're the way they are, its are's. If we didn't disect every little descion of there lives,than maybe we'd still be watching the little girl we once knew.

The author's comments:
I know its a short piece, but its somthing i hope people will learn to understand.

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on Mar. 23 2010 at 1:15 am
Frog-Prince PLATINUM, Lakeside, California
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thankyou for writing this piece. people always ask where did the girl they once knew go? but the press has a way with ruining peoples lives.i think it is some what theyre fault because this is the life that they chose for themselves even though they have seen the same thing happen to so many young girls through out the years.i enjoyed reading it good job. =) (please reply)