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Zangoose vs. Seviper: A Battle for the Ages

July 17, 2010
By GilmoreGirl SILVER, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
GilmoreGirl SILVER, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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In the third generation of Pokémon two feuding Pokémon were introduced. Zangoose is the feisty cat ferret Pokémon with sharp long claws on its forepaws for slicing its enemies. From its look you can see that Zangoose is meant to be a warrior. White with red markings Zangoose looks like it has been covered in battle scars. Seviper is the fang snake Pokémon that utilizes its red fangs and partly red scythe-like tail both of which are poisonous. Black with a yellow hexagon pattern running down its back Seviper is usually seen scrunched up like an accordion. Just like Zangoose, Seviper also sports markings that look like battle scars. While both Zangoose and Seviper are good Pokémon Zangoose is the better of the two. Zangoose learns better moves naturally than Seviper does, has better battle stats, and based on the real life creatures that Zangoose and Seviper represent, Zangoose defeats Seviper much more often that Seviper wins the battle.

The relationship that Zangoose and Seviper share is based on that of the mongoose and king cobra. The king cobra is a huge very venomous snake that can grow up to 18ft. in length but it still has predators and its most famous one is the mongoose. With its superior speed and powerful bite the mongoose is almost always the victor. Another advantage the mongoose has is its slight immunity to the neurotoxins in the cobra’s venom. This special advantage is translated directly to Zangoose with its special ability, Immunity. This special ability prevents Zangoose from being able to acquire the poisoned status, a helpful ability since Seviper is a poison-type with several poison inflicting moves.
Another thing that seems to come from Zangoose’s real life counterpart is its battle stats. While Zangoose’s speed is probably not at a real mongoose’s caliber it is fast enough to strike first in a battle against Seviper. The stat that Zangoose focuses on the most is its physical attack power making it a formidable opponent for a Pokémon like Seviper that isn’t defense oriented. The only battle stat that Seviper does better on than Zangoose is special attack but that isn’t a problem as far as Zangoose’s attacks are concerned.

The last thing that makes Zangoose better than Seviper is its move set which are the moves that it learns. Because Zangoose’s stats focus almost entirely on attack power instead of special attack Zangoose’s attacks are exclusively physical attacks. Many of these moves are normal-type so they are powered up because Zangoose’s type is the same. In comparison Seviper learns both physical and special attacks but it has lower attack stats so the attacks will have less of an effect on Zangoose. Also three of Seviper’s five major moves are ones that can inflict the poison status which means Zangoose can’t be affected by the side-effects of the moves.
Due to superior moves and battle stats Zangoose is a better battler than Seviper. The real life counterparts of Zangoose and Seviper show that if Pokémon were real then Zangoose is stronger and faster. Zangoose’s special ability, Immunity gives it an extra edge for staying alive and Seviper just doesn’t have the power to take down Zangoose before it is taken down itself. In the epic battle of Zangoose vs. Seviper, Zangoose will be the victor.

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