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What is the Point of Our Hate?

July 29, 2010
By MariahS. SILVER, Leduc, Other
MariahS. SILVER, Leduc, Other
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Scroll down the page of Teenink.com, what do you see? I see titles of movie stars, pop stars and our human judgements on how they have done wrong. But why? What did these people do to you? What did Miley Cyrus to do offend you? Yes, she posed nude for a photo, but did she herself actually hurt you to make you hate her so much?
Three names or movie titles pop up when I look through the pages of the Entertainment and Celebrities section: Miley Cyrus, Michael Jackson and Twilight. I found that the two about actual people were harsh and criticizing words, whereas the writers of the ‘Twilight’ based articles have everything good to say about it. So, why this hatred spewed at a teenage pop-singer and a dead pop-star? Have you ever thought of the amazing music they came up with? You judge Miley Cyrus all you want about her music, but I’d like to see you go up on stage with new lyrics every time. And you know ONE nude photo isn’t going to kill you. ONE scandalous video isn’t going to destroy Miley’s career, just because you don’t like it. I see a big difference between music video producers and the average Joe; music video producers KNOW what they’re doing in order to sell this song to the public. I don’t listen to Miley’s music, I didn’t watch Hannah Montana, I wasn’t watching TV when the news showed scandal in Miley’s pictures, but I find that what she has done doesn’t matter, but rather who she is as a person and a music artist that matters.
You judge Michael Jackson after he was allegedly suspected of sexual abuse of a child. But from what I read over and over again, this sexual abuse allegation was just a way for the Chandler family to get money from Michael Jackson to try to destroy his musical career. Dr. Chandler, a dentist, was recorded saying, "If I go through with this, I win big-time. There's no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever ... Michael's career will be over.” Does this not sound like greed to you? Now look at his music. Michael Jackson had the best selling album of all time and wrote/ co-wrote ten different albums, but one slip-up and he’s out. The public hates him just because of one slip-up, but those ten things that made him famous and having the best album of all time doesn’t matter? As far as Michael Jackson goes I, myself, never really listened to his music, but why judge him? Why hurt the family members that he loved and left behind? Are we spewing hatred, just because we can? Little did we realize that the Jackson family is being the receiver of the stupid people who are devoted to hate Michael Jackson because of some allegations and refuse to look towards his grand achievements, and in turn we are hurting Michael Jackson’s already grieving family.
And the modern phenomenon of Twilight; the movie that has become as popular as money. I, too, have read the books and was embarrassed that I had done so. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the books thoroughly, I just felt that the popularity that it got was incredibly ridiculous. The books themselves were incredible pieces of work, spectacular literature. The movie on the other hand...s.u.c.k.e.d. It blew the book way out of proportion and gave it a bad rep, then you come on teenink.com once again and find yet more Twilight lovers and Twilight haters, and what I`ve seen is that the amount of people who hate Twilight indefinitely outweighs the people who love it. Did the media blow it way out of proportion, or is it just the typicality of our human nature?
Which leads me to my final question, why does the media—and the people within the media—pursue to hate innocent people? What’s the point of hating something, when their popularity is not going to diminish, even long after they’ve passed from this earth?
When basically everything is based on Hollywood scandal, wouldn’t everything be ‘scandalous’ like Miley? If everything followed the patterns of this world, should everybody slip-up, like Michael Jackson? Since a lot of the world is blown out of proportion, she we hate the world like we hate Twilight?

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