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Right Person Wrong Time

October 17, 2022
By Anonymous

I saw him again yesterday. It's not the first time I've seen him since the break-up, but it still hurts. He walks up to me and asks "do you want to play Mario kart with me?" I said, "yeah, sure". We get the game set up and as he hands me the controller our hand's touch. Here are the memories. "Here put out your hand," I say " Um okay," he says as I grab his hand. "Wow, your hands are so much smaller than mine" he jokes. "Uh hello Earth to Mem" "Oh sorry," I say as I go to sit on a bean bag chair. While playing Mario kart another flashback comes to me. “How are you so good at this game?” I say, “I’m just good at everything,” he says. “Look Mem you're losing at Mario kart,” someone says. I snap back to reality. I look at him just wishing he still cared for me as I do him. It sucks to see him every Wednesday. I used to see him every Sunday as well but I couldn’t handle it.

He’s smiling and laughing, with that amazing smile that when you see it you can’t help but smile back. I look at him while I'm sad but he looks at me with a smile and my heart can’t help but flutter and I smile back at him. While smiling a flashback comes. “ We still have time till I need to go home,” I say with a smile, he asks “so what do you want to do” “let me call my mom and see if we could go to my house and maybe go to the park close to it.” “Okay,” he says “ sounds like a plan” I call my mom as soon as we get in the car and ask if we could and she says yes so we head to the park and have fun there. My best friend taps me and asks if I’m okay, I say “oh yeah”, even though my heart starts to hurt because I remember how fantastic that day was, it was our first date. My heart can not handle the sadness.

We go to a room called the high school room. He sits down next to my best friend. I sit on the other side of her and talk to her. Our other friend named Mark came to join us. He sits on top of my ex named Jackson and starts doing dumb boy stuff while I and my best friend are laughing at them. While they are doing dumb boy stuff Jackson looks at me and we make eye contact. While making eye contact my mind drifts to another place. “Give me the balloon back,” I say, “No,” he says, while I am chasing after him and then all of a sudden “POP!” “ahh,” I say while he is laughing. We start to throw the balloon's remains back and forth making it into a ball. He lays down on the floor because he's out of breath so I join him. We smile at each other and I suddenly get the urge to kiss him on the cheek so I do, but then the thing that I had been waiting for since valentines day, 3 whole months, happened. He kissed me and I couldn’t help but look away as soon as it was done because I got so nervous. What a precious memory. “Okay guys we are going to break up into groups,” Davis says which brings me back to the present. I wish that we would have worked out, maybe it was the right person at the wrong time but I don’t know for sure. If it is, hopefully, we'll make the timing right next time.

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