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Love Is A 2 Person Thing

December 21, 2009
By De'andre14 BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
De'andre14 BRONZE, Buford, Georgia
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If u r in a relationship with someone and everyone around you is telling u that it wont last and it never will go farther than what it already is. I have news for u. LOVE IS A 2 PERSON THING. If u love someone and they love u as strong as u love them that is all that matters. All these haters in ur ears are in there for 1 reason: they don't want u to be happy and they are NOSY. Haha but if u know that u know that u know that u know that love is all that matters then thats all u need. And to those people that are being nosy MIND UR OWN BUSINESS and go find someone that will love u for u and not what u do to them or what u have or what u are going to have. Go find a ride or die person that gotta have something special to catch ur eye. Now PLEASE read this and go make a change in the world TODAY not TOMORROW.

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Real Talk # 1

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