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Word of Wise to the Love Seekers

January 6, 2010
By Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
Mr.Roberts_17 GOLD, Deltona, Florida
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I guess you can say I am looking for a beauty. Not just one to walk hand in hand with or to offer guidance and advice when the time shall be called upon. But one to share the “Love” emotion with. Where do we find one like this? Certainly we do not look on e-bay or go to the closet mall. The quest people set out on to find this so called thing called love. Is it actually love that we seek? The one thing that will make you or break you mentally and possibly financially. The very thing that we live for as humans. This bond with another soul that you want for eternity that which you will die for in a heartbeat. The sound of “The One” will relax your soul to a point in which it feels as if your heart melts. But once again I shall ask, where do we find this person? If an answer is what you are seeking you will be stuck in a rut. For you can not find love by its self. Love must find you. You can be searching all your life for it, and it could be standing in front of you. Do not chase love or try to find out its form. Just live your life and love shall find its way into your heart. So if you are one of the people chasing love take some advice, stop chasing it around like a cat on a quest for its tail and let it bump into you on the street or where ever it may find you. So keep looking for love and you will be stuck. But stop pounding your head and asking why and live life and it shall open the door to your heart and walk in.

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this peice just hit me out of no where so i figuered i would go with the flow

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