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'The One' - Does It Exist?

April 14, 2010
By geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
geezarinho GOLD, Leicester, Other
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Hi all and thank you for at least clicking on the link here with the intention of reading. I would like to talk about a subject very close to my heart. to be honest, it comes from the heart. I want to talk about love. I have been through a lot and seen the magnificent highs and also the terrible lows that the emotion of love will indefinitely bring and all this at the young age of 16 and 17. I will not go into too much detail about my life because I am mainly writing this article in the hope that it will educate people on the truth behind love. basically, I fell in love with a girl but within 3 months of the spawning of this feeling, she got with a boy thousands of miles away (I know it seems weird but it's true). I feel that I never had the chance to tell her I loved her because I'd only known her 4 months. this was a major hit for me and I immediately felt the strain on my heart. long story short, it almost led me to kill myself. in fact, I did try but it didn't work. I say now with immense passion to anyone, PLEASE DO NOT KILL YOURSELF OVER ANYONE, IF THEY BREAK YOUR HEART THEY ARE NOT WORTH IT. I thought I'd found a girl to lead me out of these woes but this has also failed because she isn't ready for a relationship (so there's hope, right?). anyway, now to talk directly about love. I'm sure most of you know how overwhelming a feeling it is, that being the main motive for you to want to read this. I think today in the world of mass media, there is this image painted that there is 'the one' for everyone, the one in which you are meant to be with. soulmate if you will. I think it comes from TV soap operas or perhaps the music scene, with many songs claiming they have found the one. I don't buy into this theory whatsoever. I believe the actual derivation of this theory is that it is possibly the nicest thing to say or maybe very romantic. it tells your partner you are devoted and will always be together because there is no reason to not be together. in my opinion and from experience, there is no 'the one' but perhaps many, many people who you could be happy with. yes, I agree that there will be one person who is most alike you but there are so many people who are similar to you many ways so it's wrong to suggest there is a 'the one'. for example, many relationships between people are where they are both from the same city, or possibly the same area of the city, so if 'the one' existed, they would not be this close surely. to know if someone is the one, you'd have to get to know every single person of the opposite sex which is completely wrong. I have loved twice, both times have felt exactly the same so going by 'the one' theory, which one is actually 'the one'? That is why I don't believe in it one bit. I hope you understand that there are many people you can be content with living with and spending your whole life with. I urge you all to please not get too obsessed with one person if they have broken your heart because they are not worth the effort and you will be far better off trying to find someone who will love you for you. There are many people out there and many who can make you happy so go and find them and BE HAPPY!

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i've written this because i am awareof the common beief held amongst many youths that there exists 'the one' and i would like to across my argument against the 'theory'.

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