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Farewell of a Broken Heart

June 25, 2010
By kristina-marie SILVER, Olla, Louisiana
kristina-marie SILVER, Olla, Louisiana
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"Fool, said my muse to me, look in thy heart and write." (Loving in Truth) written by: Sir Phillip Stanley 1554-1586

How could something so great fall so far? How could someone so amazing, so loving, so caring turn so cold? Why is what we have just a broken piece of what we had? How can two hearts so closely welded together come apart so easily?
All those nights I laid by your side and you promised me you would never hurt me. That you loved me more than you thought you could ever love someone. That you would always be there for me no matter what. You held me close and made me feel like nothing else existed but that moment and our love. You made those broken little pieces of myself pull together to be something great for you. And you made me feel whole. I felt like for once I belonged somewhere. And that somewhere was with you.
And now I sit here alone holding those memories closely, for I fear that if I should ever loosen my grip on them they will escape me and never come back. All that I have left of you will be vanish into the night in the same way you did, with no promise of return.
And I will be left to question every word, every promise I have ever heard. I will be left in to dwell in the misery you have brought upon me wondering how I can let something go that might have never really been mine. How could I ever possibly say good bye when the only words that seem to escape my lips are "I miss you. I love you. Baby, please come home."

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