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Same Love

June 28, 2013
By wingsonfire12 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
wingsonfire12 SILVER, Moses Lake, Washington
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A while back I heard about this thing in the news. There were these two (gay) men that were kicked off of a plane because they kissed once and another passenger threw a hissy fit about it. Just one kiss – no making out or groping or anything else inappropriate. Just a lone, single kiss.
Wait… What?
I blew a gasket when I heard about this because it’s absolutely ridiculous. A straight couple wouldn't have been thrown off of the plane for FAR worse than that – but no, a kiss shared by a gay couple equals no flight for them. Uhm, no. While I myself am not interested in the same gender, I whole-heartedly support gay marriage and respect the right for people to choose who they want to be with - and that little episode on the plane was the epitome of what I hate.
Because that’s what marriage is, right? A choice. And in this “land of the free”, we are supposed to have infinite choices at our fingertips, a huge one of which is the choice of whom to marry. We all have the right to marriage – unless, of course, you happen to want to marry the same sex. I’ve heard of people getting married to animals, video game characters, and dead people – and people are throwing a tantrum over two people of the same sex getting married?
Some people need to get their priorities straightened out.
It’s not anyone else’s choice but your own. No one has the right to tell someone who to love. Telling someone they can’t get married to someone because they are of the same gender is akin to saying they can’t get married because of the color of their skin. Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes – while their life choice may not agree with your religious beliefs or morals, it’s not your life to make choices in.
You don’t have to agree. You just have to respect.

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Love is love. And that's it.

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