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Andrew Dennis Biersack

May 10, 2021
By System_Error_26 PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
System_Error_26 PLATINUM, Edmond, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"When we're born we cry, because we feel the pain of living for the first time."- Alice C.

"Always be yourself... Unless you can be Batman. Be Batman."- Andy Biersack

"No matter how hard you try, you can never tame a wild spirit!"- CC

"I am not a monster, I am but a man."- Ronnie Radke

"Suicide is not cowardly! I'll tell you what's cowardly... treating someone so badly that they want to take their own life!"- Ashley Purdy

"I'm an artist and I make art-arty-art-art!"- Andy Biersack

"I'm TOP 'Stressed Out' what does that mean? I'm a rap fiend with a bad lead..."- NF


Who is Andrew Dennis Biersack?

Andrew Dennis Biersack, better known by his stage name 'Andy Biersack', is an American Emo Rock band leader. His band Black Veil Brides consists of drummer Christian 'CC' Coma, lead guitarist Jacob 'Jake' Pitts, melody guitarist and violinist Jeremy 'Jinxx' Ferguson, and bassist Lonny Eagleton.  Andy is the lead vocalist of the band. 

Why is he your hero?

Andy is my hero because he writes songs like "Knives And Pens" and "Fallen Angels". Such songs are made to inspire and empower kids like me. BVB stands up for people like me, people who are called weird and are cast out by society, they stand for the emos. 

A lot of girls are stanning over Andy now because he's white, has a bunch of tattoos, and he has black hair and blue eyes, but kids like me have been in love with him since he was just a teen calling himself "Andy Sixx". We didn't love him for his looks though, and just by the way his hair is actually naturally a dirty blonde, we loved him because he was one of us!

Andy gives us a reason to live when we don't want to. Even so, he is highly underrated. Nobody cares about the emo bands because they think they're all gay and weird, but emo bands actually decrease the suicide rate in depressed teens by around 80%! 

Just like Falling In Reverse, BVB saved my life, and I don't know how I could ever repay Ronnie, Derek, Ron, Christian, Tyler, Zakk, CC, Andy, Jake, Jinxx, or Lonny. 

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