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August 2, 2022
By Cmila06 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Cmila06 BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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The day when I discovered my music taste was the day where I felt alive; it was the day where I felt like I had completed myself and felt full. Before I found the music that I was into, I was very confused about the things that I liked. I usually listened to the popular songs that everybody listened to. Even though I thought the songs were unsatisfactory, I felt obligated to listen to songs to fit into the groups in the school so people wouldn’t paint a picture of me as an abnormal kid. I always thought that my music taste would be bland and not suit me because it was based on everyone else’s opinion and not my own. But in 2018, one of my greatest friends helped me discover K-pop.

BTS was one of the first K-pop groups that I got into and absolutely adored. The beats that they made were completely different from songs that I compelled myself to listen to. There might’ve been a language barrier but I felt like I could understand everything they were saying so clearly. One of the reasons I value and appreciate their music so much was because they had a lot of love for their fan base. They always wanted their supporters to have lots of self love for themselves. They had albums like: Love yourself: Tear, Love yourself: Her, and love yourself: Answer to make ARMY (fan base name) to love and feel good about themselves. I also like them because I can always tell that they put a lot of time and effort into each song they make, even if it's a goofy song or a song that has true meaning. I did get made fun of for listening to them, but it didn’t really matter because I was genuinely listening to them. BTS was just a door opener for me, as I stepped inside, I continued to discover music that I liked.

Ironically, BTS got me into English artists that have the same vibe as them, but slowly I was able to get away from the vibe that BTS gave me and get into different artists with their own unique sounds. One of the artists that had grabbed my attention was Steve lacy. When I was doing my homework during quarantine his songs “Ryd and Dark red” went on and it really got to me. It was a relaxing song that got me focused on the work I was doing. Other artists that I listen to that are similar to him or give me the same relaxing vibe as them are Tyler the creator, Kali Uchis, Frank Ocean, and many more. 

All of these artists that I have mentioned had helped discover my own taste in music and helped me stand out from other people. It also helped me figure out what I liked and voiced stronger opinions on certain things. Finding my music taste has helped me become well, me.

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