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Life Beyond Television

July 8, 2010
By Babie PLATINUM, Modesto, California
Babie PLATINUM, Modesto, California
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"I Hate Kid's I have to many realitives.....ahhhhh!"

What is the first thing you do. When you arrive home after school. Before of course when you set your back-pack down on the floor. Then fetch yourself a snack. From a hard day of work to a long day of studying.

Do you play out side,
Do eat with your family,
Do you hang out with your friends,
Do you take time with your parents,
Or even play a board game on a game night.

No! You simple sit down and turn the screen on. Yes my friend you watch Television!

I do believe that the average teen watches TV for up to 6 hours every night and that the waste their lives away on dum pointless television programs that aren't going to any use in their future apart from if they want to own a blender. One a commercial that sales things people don't need like the latest new IPhone are something Assume. and being a teenager my self i have the inside knowledge and do find TV point less. apart from good shows like friends or family guy or some thing funny. none of that "reality show" stuff!! That we really need!

Although that is in my belief. The average person could watch TV all day.

But am not saying that we should stop watching TV. What am trying to say is that. Once in a while we should take are time enjoy what we have out side the box view. And look at life's lesson that we only have one life. Spend it as much as you can.

So take a load of don't sit and watch life pass you by. Experience what is out there.

The author's comments:
I just thought of writing something about. To what comes to mind on TV to me.

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on Jul. 21 2010 at 6:31 pm
peacemaker14 SILVER, Hubbard, Oregon
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"in my life I've learned that growing up is hard and head banging is crucial"- hayley williams

i'm not trying to be mean i'm just giving you advise:

1. you don't know if i watch TV first thing after coming home from school in fact i ussualy don't and i have every opertunitie to i only watch about 1 hour a day but you just told me that i do.

2. you gave me plenty of popular things that many people do to entertain themselfes and said that no one really does that but the truth is we do! i do hang out with my friends after school and many other teenagers do too

3. Ipods and Iphones are very usefull theyre are apps like gps cooking guide and internet acces that people use all the time. my dad uses his ipod for his buissness not everyone uses the Iphone for stupid reasons don't say nasty things about a very useful devise well thats all i have to say and please don't take my comments the wrong way i am simply trying to help

Babie PLATINUM said...
on Jul. 13 2010 at 11:50 pm
Babie PLATINUM, Modesto, California
30 articles 0 photos 58 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I Hate Kid's I have to many realitives.....ahhhhh!"

Please comment I will comment you as well. ;)