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Punk Rock Report

October 25, 2013
By abividrey SILVER, Delphi, Indiana
abividrey SILVER, Delphi, Indiana
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Punk Rock

(This report states some facts out of the research I have studied and taken notes from. I will state my opinions throughout this report so if you get offended I am sorry but please take in consideration that I am 14.)

Punk Rock was developed between the years of 1974 and 1976. Originated in the UK, US and Australia but where it originally started is still unknown. Punk Rock is basically Rock music with deliberately offensive and rage filled lyrics, expressing social alienation in reaction to progressive Rock. In my opinion it is someone expressing their own opinions and feelings through music, whether those feelings and opinions are offensive or not just like any other genre. Punk is just a label people put on a kid with an attitude and expression of feelings against authority. Rebellion is one of the biggest parts of modern Punk but then again; there are many other aspects of Punk too, Punk Rock is only one of them. Punk Rock expresses mainstream 1970’s rock described as fast hard edged short songs. Including stripped down instrumentation and usually involves anti-establishment. Most Punk Rock bands are DIY self-production of recording, clothing and promoting and distributed through informal channels. Which if you think about it sounds pretty awesome because in order to get something done the way you want it then what better way than doing it yourself?

By late 1976 the bands such as “The Clash” and “The Sex Pistols” in London and “Television” and the “Ramones” in New York City were recognized as a new musical movement that was being started. That following year Punk Rock was being spread throughout the world and became a major cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom. Punk Subculture emerged, expressing youthful rebellion and styles of clothing, followed by anti-establishment which I mentioned earlier. After everyone saw what Punk Rock was doing other areas of Punk were started, including: Post-punk and Alternative rock. It was just the beginning of 1980’s Punk started growing more aggressive, faster and different styles started such as hardcore and Oi! They were become the predominant mode of Punk Rock. Musicians identifying and being inspired by this area of Punk started wider aspects of other variations, giving a rise to the post-punk and alternative rock movement. At the starting point of the 21st century, pop punk had been adopted by the mainstream. Bands such as Green Day and The Offspring brought the genre of widespread popularity into play and boosted the post-punk and alternative rock movement. Punk is changing every day, new movements will be started but the old ones will never be forgotten. Punk rock was just the beginning of this new genre and will forever be a phenomenon in my opinion. Punk is not dead along with all the other offspring’s of it. It will always live on and all the rejects and outcasts rebelling against whatever is holding them back will express it through their music, inspiring others who can relate and maybe start another movement.

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