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televsion, to be or not to be

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Comprehensive, the only way to describe what television is. An average family has 2.24 televisions in their house. They are estimated to watch about 6 hours 47 minutes a day. 49 percent of the people say they watch too much television. Annually, Americans watch 250 billion hours a day. They could be working, they aren’t. If you took the annual time Americans watched television and instead put them to work they would make an extra $1.25 Trillion a day. I don’t know about you but I would give up television for the rest of my life for that kind of money.
Some people say that television is fruitless. I agree. I am not phlegmatic about television when it comes to that topic. Other people say that television is sanguine. That can be true but why sit when you can be active. I’m sure being fit and healthy is just as cheerful as watching TV. I also read, yes, read, not watched or heard that each day 6 million videos are rented as compared to 3 million books being checked out. Doesn’t that sound garbled? If we keep watching TV one day it will adapt and become a norm. If that happened you can kiss the brains goodbye.
I wrote this for the people. They all need to know the pros and con’s of television. I hope this coerced you and you get out and try something new. Television is one of the evils. We need to corroborate ourselves and say “we don’t need television.”

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