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The reality of social media

November 6, 2019
By marielhaest BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
marielhaest BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
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Think about your life.  Think about the people in it. About yourself. The things going on in your life right now. Now think about how your life looks on social media. Your social media life and real life have some serious differences, don't they?

This is the sad truth for most people.  Everyone goes through rough patches in life. Everyone has their struggles, even if they may not project them.  You may not always realize this, though. It is really easy to get wrapped up in the idea that you may the only one struggling, because social media can make us feel this way. Social media has created a place where people can make themselves look perfect. You choose what you share to everyone.  The very nature of social media can cause anyone to be fake.

 While we share photos of us doing something fun with friends, a perfectly edited and filtered selfie , or a vacation photo, and we are really just sharing a simple chronicle.  It can project an idea of a much better life than we are really, authentically experiencing. We go on social media and see everyone's posts and we are wried to immediately start comparing ourselves. “Why don't I look that good?” “Why cant I have a life that fun?” or “I cant afford all those things.”  We begin to doubt and look down on our lives because we know what were truly experiencing and going through. We do this even though we all know deep down that nobody is perfect.

People are not willing to show the not so pretty parts of life with others.  We all are wired to want to look perfect to others, even if our real lives do not project that at all.  Social media has almost created a competition. Who’s going to wear the cutest clothes, do the funnest things, travel to the coolest places. 

The author's comments:

I think this article shows and gives examples of just how real the sad reality of social media is. 

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