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Reviewing Netflix's 'Black Mirror'

January 14, 2020
By MinecraftDude32 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
MinecraftDude32 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Black Mirror is a Netflix series that is enjoyed by many. This series will leave you begging your friends and family to re-watch episodes with you. Mind bending plot twists and thought provoking topics make Black Mirror easy to discuss with others. 

I learned about this series from my father. We watched the second episode together, I hadn’t seen the first, each episode is a different story than the others. The first thing that caught my attention was the setting, a seemingly infinite structure that held the entire world's population inside of it. This gigantic enclosure contained living quarters for each person, size depending on social class and achievements. Inside their were also cafeterias in addition to entertainment arenas.

 Some aspects that I find enjoyable about Black Mirror include; the variety of topics, unique plot, and futuristic technology. Each episode is a unique story that introduces new characters and problems. I find this to be beneficial for the viewers because it allows for more focus on the messages that are meant to be portrayed rather than struggling to keep up with several characters background information or additional details. Every episode begins with an intriguing hook that keeps the viewer tuned in to see what may happen to the characters and to find out the reasoning behind certain events. The futuristic technology includes objects made to simplify life or use recreationally. There are many desirable gadgets that appear in Black Mirror, some that may even be part of reality in the coming future. Self driving cars are and example of realistic tech that has been made accessible to the entire population in the show, although self driving cars are a reality today, the show provides more advanced functions in such vehicles.

 I highly recommend this show to everybody. Black Mirror’s unique plots that include thought provoking events are perfect for, not only entertainment, but  shifting the viewer’s perspective of the world. It is a series that can be enjoyed at anytime and both with people, or alone.

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This is my opinion on the Netlfix series "Black Mirror."

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