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Spare Fortnite

March 5, 2020
By legoboy1604 BRONZE, Largo, Florida
legoboy1604 BRONZE, Largo, Florida
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Almost everyone has heard by now of the popular game Fortnite, with its fairly large fanbase. But don’t let that deceive you, for this game is not worth playing. Fortnite has crappy game mechanics, buyable dance emotes that make you cringe at first sight, and overpriced cosmetics. The game is an abomination, and many agree that it should be purged. But, what if I told you that Fortnite could be beneficial to keep around? It may sound ridiculous, but just stick with me while I try to explain.

The primary reason I bring up this preposterous sounding point is because the game itself serves as a quarantine. The main enemy of gamers: Cringey kids with their microphones they got out of a cereal box, and their rage screams that are as loud as your school’s fire alarm. These kids are well known for ruining every game they join by simply annoying the absolute 💩 out of everyone there, forcing them to abandon the game. But fear not, for there is a solution, and it’s been presented to us for some time now: Fortnite. We can quarantine off all the cringe, by using the cringe! It’s ingenious! We will finally be able to play our games in peace, and balance will be restored to the gaming world.

The other reason why restraining ourselves from performing a much-needed vibe check on Forknife would be because of the memes. Memes are known as the language of gods, and are sacred to us gamers. Many memes regarding the disaster of a game, Fortnite, exist and for one sole reason, which is to humiliate Fortnite. Without the game existing anymore, what else could we brutally make fun of for a few laughs? Nothing! So, lets do a favor for ourselves, and keep Fortnite around for a little bit longer.

Many of you might claim that over time, the kids would migrate over to other games, as Fortnite would get boring after some time, but I disagree. With Fortnite’s season feature, and access to their mom’s credit card, those little brats should stay entertained. Fortnite is a magnet for cringe, and little 9-year olds who still believe in Santa, are cringe, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes you must make sacrifices in life, and right now we must sacrifice our chance of killing this game to clean out the trash in our precious games. Fortnite should continue to exist…for now….

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