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I Do Not Believe in Fairytales

October 15, 2009
By wietie BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
wietie BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I do not believe in fairytales. I mean, not everyone lives happily ever after do they? There is not a chance that all the people in the world are princesses and have beautiful, long, flowing hair like something that is seen in a shampoo commercial. Is there really such as a thing as a knight in shining armor? Let’s get realistic; in every fairytale movie the girl is a size negative two. Nowadays, girls are lucky if they are a size four. In real life no one’s skin is perfect and there are people that are not rich. Not everyone falls in love. I believe that it is time for a more realistic fairytale. We need a fairytale with a normal girl; one that is not a twig, one that has to deal with everyday problems. In this fairytale the “princess” should get a pimple or have a break up with her boyfriend. She does not have to find her “one and only” on the first try. Let’s make a fairytale that does not always end in “happily ever after”. That is just not how life goes.

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