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The Price of Beauty

July 8, 2010
By princess6 GOLD, Berwyn, Illinois
princess6 GOLD, Berwyn, Illinois
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“The price of beauty “

Now a days people judge us by our exterior which is truly unfortunate. So now most teenage girls worry a lot about their looks, I’m one of them. I have dark brown hair, meaning that I have to shave my legs and under arms every day, which is tedious and painful sometimes, with the cuts you get from the razor..but yet even though it hurts me and it’s annoying I’ve never thought about not shaving..why..because I’m afraid to be judged by lets say having “hairy’ legs. I have wavy/curly hair so I straighten it almost everyday..why..because without my hair straightned it’s a frizzy mess. In fact, every time I go to the hair salon to get a hair cut I am lectured by one of the hair stylist that my hair is getting dry by the straightner..but do I stop..of course not..because then I’ll have to wear my frizzy hair out in public. Weight…that topic I hate to address..I’m considered to be petite but when I was normally a size twelve (kids) in most stores for jeans, in Abercrombie I couldn’t even fit into a size 14, what type of message does that send to girls my age…well I’ve realized that their sizes are absurd and I’ve never wanted or tried to fit into another pair of Abercrombie jeans again. My point is we got to great lenghts to look “perfect” , instead of embracing our true selves. NOW I wear my wavy hair with pride, and have figured out different ways to manage it , and I don’t freak if I go a day without shaving..I’ve also embraced my weight..yes I am not the most confident girl, but I’m trying my hardest to embrace and to love myself..because the truth is, is it worth a few numbers from guys..when your legs are cut up, and your hair is all dried up..I doubt it. The media has created the perfect girl, and we go through great measures to look like her., when the truth is that perfect size zero, airbrushed model doesn’t exist. So show the world who you really are because don’t you want people to love you for you !?

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"Love yourself for who you are'

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