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180 days of hell

October 23, 2019
By Anonymous

We are all anxious to start school when we were little we want to be like everyone else and get homework and have recess and you always think “oh this is going to be awesome, I can’t wait!” Spoiler alert school sucks. So first we are going to be talking about elementary school. In my opinion, up until 1st grade is useless all I did was take naps in class or play with legos which didn't help my education in any way shape or form. And throughout elementary adults thought they had some type of power over us just because we were kids. And that's what I hated most you can't expect everyone to blindly follow rules because you say so. Once I walked a different way because I was not about to walk across the school when I could cut through to get my brother and lady from the office staff started to yell at me at the top of her lungs about how I'm not supposed to walk this way and I need an adult to get my brother and threatened to give me dentition and call my mom. Like I care if you call my mom about me being productive and walking the other way to get my brother. I was always a good kid in elementary school but some things I did put up with. Next, I'm going to talk about middle school. AKA three filler years where your not a teenager but your not a kid. When you're in elementary school, they tell you middle school is going to be so hard and you will get homework every night. Well let me tell you this, I get almost no homework every night and very little if I do. But one thing we can all agree on is that school starts way too early. School starts at 7:30 - 8:00 for most schools which means most people get up at six. So let's say you were up till midnight last night and you have to get up at six that only gives you 6 hours of sleep and it's recommended that everyone gets at least 8 hours. So this means you will most likely be tired throughout the day and not perform your best. Another thing I'm not a huge fan of is tests because if you think about it, it's just review so if a student fails it means one of two things. It could mean the student wasn't paying attention or that the teacher didn't teach it well. Well, I had a teacher that did nothing she let us play on our phones, eat, leave the classroom, talk the whole period she never taught but she gave a ton of tests so most kids were failing but it wasn't her fault she wasn't teaching. And let's not forget my biggest pet peeve favoritism I had a teacher who taught a class to 5 of her 30 students she had them do everything and gave them all of her attention there almost no point for the rest of us to be there. My current schools have uniforms and this I feel limits student's creative mindset and always us to be different and be your self well cant do this if you make us dress the same. And now some just messed up things about the prison we go to 5 days a week, six hours a day. Our school has a passing period of 3 minutes and we have 7 classes so that means we spend 30 minutes of our day just walking to class. And around 15 minutes of each class are transitions to the next subject where students get sidetracked and talk. And then you have a 40-minute lunch so all around you only get a small amount of learning time. Now getting serious 18.1% of students suffer from depression. This breaks my heart but 25% of students in all grade levels commit suicide. And there has been a total of 68 school shootings from 2016 through 2019. As you can see there are serious faults in our school system and we need to change that immediately.

The author's comments:

this piece is about some reali life and expercines i ahd and many others with the school system.

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