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Best Years Of Your Life

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

High school is it really that bad? The first day all you can think is oh my god. Why is the first day the scariest, it’s kids that you have always want to school with .You might have some class with upper classmates but you never know they could end up being your best friend or boyfriendgirlfriend. The first couple times you might do something wrong, they might push you out of the way, but it’s just to show you that they been there longer.
You know how the teacher says they aren’t going to be as easy on you like they are. Well the teachers aren’t that bad. They want you to act more grown up because there’s more four more years till you go out into the world. The teachers still want you to have fun. They don’t treat you like you’re a kid, more of an adult. Which in most cases isn’t so bad. Just don’t act like your three and you’ll be fine.
The two things I hate most about high school is time you have to get up, which I get up at 6a.m and lunch. Lunch you don’t get to go outside, the food isn’t that good either.
To be honest high school is actually more fun and isn’t that bad. So just walk in take a deep breath and relax. High school is that best tears of your life.

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