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To be or not to be, college bound

February 10, 2009
By Aria Simmons BRONZE, Mt. Vernon, New York
Aria Simmons BRONZE, Mt. Vernon, New York
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What school are you applying to? Did you take your SATS? What about the ACT? Both high school juniors and seniors are bombarded with these questions daily. The pressure is on and the fate of their lives is left in the hands of the forbidden c-word--college. Those asking the students these questions, teachers, relatives, and peers do not realize that they are inflicting more stress on these college bound students. These questions make college become mandatory in the eyes of teens instead of just an option. Feeling obligated to grant the wishes of those around them, high school juniors and seniors go on the prowl for universities and colleges all over the nation.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Stanford: all schools people dream of attending, but realistically only a few get accepted. The standards set by our forbears makes us dream of getting into these schools and add an immense amount of pressure on students. What nobody seems to realize is that college is not meant for everyone! Yes, it is a proven fact that those with bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees are first in line for prestigious jobs. However, not going to college does not make people less intelligent. Well known geniuses Homer, Albert Einstein, and Aristotle, did not attend college. This further proves that although it's helpful, college is not a necessity.

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