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Woman and her status in today's India

January 2, 2022
By Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
Jyothis PLATINUM, Ernakulam, Other
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Woman is one who brings brightness and shine in the family,one who kills herself to give out light,one who occupies her space in the hearts of others through the candle of love. India has always been a country respecting woman and her identity. In ancient Indian culture,she was considered as a respectful person who tore herself for the family. On digging deep,we find that several concepts regarding woman and her status have changed but still stays her importance. Imagine a day in your life without the wake-up calls of your mother,the sweet quarrels with your little sister,the lovely smile of your wife and the beautiful lessons of your lady teacher,then you will recognise the role a woman can play in your life in whatever depth.

The achievements of women today are really unbelievable. We see a lot of women engaged in the decision-making process,many lady professionals coming up and all this is a sign of change in our preconceived notions of women being confined to the kitchen alone. People have started realising the advantages of educating a girl child. But then that doesn't mean she is free of problems. There are several areas which we have to rectify.

Today,the status and safety of women in free India is a matter to be brought to our attention. Is the darkening of sky or wristwatch sign turning 7:00 p.m. a signal that women folk must remain indoors? I don't think so. Why is 'she' not let to wander through the streets, looking dreamily at the moonlit sky, removing all pangs of oppression and breath in the freshness of girly freedom? Why does our society which claims to stick on to ethics and integrity, grant such a poor image to these souls who are engaged in endless struggles to sustain the family?

A woman is like the melting wax in a candle,she is the beauty that rests in a newly blossomed flower,she is the most tender and loveliest creation of God. Even she has got wings of bravery like man and the society must be ready to accept it. The recent happenings in the country shut our mouths. It proves that still a greater number of people regard woman as a 'thing,an object of beauty'. They fail to recognise that she has a human existence filled with emotions. So,the first major change should take place in our mind-sets. If you can see the mother who gave birth to you in every other woman, then all women are free from the chains of oppression and violence.

Women have tallied men in all fields of education, employment and skill development. She must be given a greater role in the society, particularly in the decision-making process. Leave her free,so that she can shine brightly. The government has introduced a series of measures to hold the status of woman high,but they can turn vain without the joint cooperation of the public. Hence, each person must realise his due role in protecting and empowering women. Movements like 'Sheroes' is a hope, it's a hope that women can cross the man-made boundaries and reach the limitless sky, where there is freedom,love and recognition.

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I am a person who loves to express my stand or opinion on socially relevant topics like woman empowerment and safety,dowry system,etc... 

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