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The Battle of the Races

April 20, 2013
By Positivity_At_Its_Finest DIAMOND, Morrow, Georgia
Positivity_At_Its_Finest DIAMOND, Morrow, Georgia
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Life is a stage, get on it and perform your best act.

Black, White, Asian, Puerto Rican, Indian, Canadian, Russian, German, etc. Should it matter what some one's race or ethnicity is? It shouldn't, but a lot of people can't accept that fact. No one should be racist because our "racial identity" is a cover-up that hides who we really are.

The world has struggled with racism since the beginning of time. Although it has drastically improved, there's still a lot of it going on. Nothing will ever be perfect; however, being productive and taking things one day at a time can always make things better.

If humanity had common sense, there would be no problems concerning some body's race or skin tone. We may talk, act, live, learn, and look different, but we are all the same. It may sound cliche, but it's true! For example, what would be left if our skin was shaved off? Blood, flesh, and bones would be all of our remains. Countless things may be different about us, but we all have one thing in common- we're human.

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