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Black and White

November 16, 2015
By J.A.Ws SILVER, Peru, Indiana
J.A.Ws SILVER, Peru, Indiana
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If we don't blow ourselves up, the future will be wonderful!-Stan Lee

Black and White. Good and Evil. Up and Down. Left and Right. Yes and No. These things should be opposite. Everything should be black and white. If a company overworks a child and he dies of exhaustion the company should be charged for murder. But, big companies make profit and employ tens of thousands of men. They can’t be blamed. Left and Right. Loud and Quiet. Large and Small. The world would be black and white if people thought the same. If a person betrays America and gives information to Russia, they are a traitor to us but a patriot to Russia. Less and More. Worst and Best. Forgotten and Remembered. When people see things they don’t see black and white. They see gray. They don’t look or care what’s right or wrong. They only think about what they want or need. A beggar steals food and gets beaten by the owner. Who goes to jail? The man who would have died or the man who saved a penny? Cheap and Expensive. Asleep and Awake. Life and Death.  Black and white makes sense. We tell others what is and isn’t fair but we do the same thing and we see gray. We no longer find good any different from evil. If humanity continues on this track, what will happen? When the world no longer maintains a sense of equal moral values then what will be there to protect us? We will no longer have the ability to realize what we’re doing is wrong and we will become as primitive as our ancestors? But this will be different from the wars we fought B.C. We will have guns, explosives and other advanced technology accessible by anybody with a large enough payroll! What will be left! Who will be left staring at the world in disbelief at what had become of the once mighty civilization! Black and White. Good and Evil. Up and Down. Left and Right. Yes and No. These things should be opposite. Why aren’t they? They aren’t due to the simple fact that nobody stops for a minute and carefully thinks about what they are doing. Nobody thinks far enough ahead to actually weigh their decision on the scale of black and white. They walk blindly into situations and someone, if not them, pays the price. It cannot possibly end if things continue on the track we are on. This isn’t working. You’re reading this with a blank expression on your face as if this is the hundredth time you’ve read the same thing and you are sick of it. You’re probably right. I’m one voice in a choir singing the same old hymns. But let me change the song! I don’t plan on letting the people who are gray control me or my decisions. I will make it my mission to avoid the gray and live in black or white. I will either be the greatest evil or the greatest good in this world. And whichever one I decide will be the right one because it will be the only one. No and. No or. No but. Just is. If I don’t work to change this piece of rock we live on then who will? Who else sees things my way? Nobody. The only people who have any chance of possibly changing the way the population of the Earth thinks and feels are the people who are black and white. Black and White. Good and Evil. Up and Down. Left and Right. Yes and No. These things should be opposite.

The author's comments:

This piece is my personl view of how people view things and whats wrong with some peoples views.

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on Nov. 23 2015 at 2:35 pm
Trench_Coat BRONZE, PERU, Indiana
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"Promise me you'll survive.
That you won't give up,
no matter what happens,
no matter how hopeless"- Titanic

You did a really amazing job. I wish I could write like you. Talent is in all your writing.