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Black heva

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Every muscle in the body has a million needles shredding, scraping, and teething into the flesh. The affliction creates a need stop moving, but it is impossible. Unfortunately, the condition, tardive dyskinesia, makes resting, the only acceptable outcome, absurd; the mind no longer has the capability to restrain itself from moving. Now, there will be no stop to the suffering: mental, physical, emotional. The only thought left is why? The founding fathers were demonic spawn sent 200 years for the sole purpose to torment anyone who got caught up in this. No! This was the Supreme Courts gross misinterpretation of due process. The courts have no right to force anti-psychotic medicine on an innocent defendant.

In the summer of 1998, Russell Weston Jr. gunned his way into the capitol to find a time reversal machine. Weston was going save the world from cannibals and the coming “black heva” plague. Sounds like a textbook superman that was doing his best to save the world. Despite his best effort, the world remains in constant peril, and he reside in a cushy insane asylum (more properly mental institution). He deserves to stay there until his mental state becomes one where he can withstand trial.

The debate today is whether to accelerate his recovery by force feeding him drugs with his life and well-being at risk. The answer is no. The government must not be given the power to bully innocent citizens with disabilities. It is too easy for the court to use due clause. All they have to do is prove that the defendant is a danger to himself or others and they can force medication on him or her. It is all too easy to fudge the facts and slander someone until he or she seems dangerous. It with this in mind, the conclusions that forced medication is not only life threatening, not within the scope of the governments power, and morally wrong are validated.

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