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November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

People always say that being "gay" isnt the way you should live and that god didnt intend us to like the same sex. Well i say who cares? Dont get me wrong i believe in god, but why does it really matter what sex or what type of people we like? Were all humans and should be accepted that way. Some people in the world cant get over the fact that being gay is becoming so common. I hate when people come up to me and ask me "Why are you gay?" I quickly respond with "Why are you straight?" I have nothing against people who have their own oppinions but to be rude about it is just not necessary. Sometimes i catch myself having to stare at people because they think its fine to stare because of the way i dress? Well i dont have anything to say about how they dress so why should i be judged just because who i happen to be attracted to and like? Alot of people say i just dont get why your gay? I always have to ask them why does it even matter? Im not hurting you. Some people assume someting has to be wrong with you or that ya life has to be screwed up because of the simple fact you like the same sex. Thats not at all true if were weird for having feelings for HUMANS then we should have the right to think its weird that you think theres something wrong with what were attracted to. Now that "gay" marriage is allowed in CT alot of people are going to complain which i find completely obsurd. They care so much about people being "gay" when they should be worried about keeping homeless people off the streets and worry about helping starving kids in africa and other places. "Gayness" is world wide and its a new movement so i think people should just get with it? Notice the word "Gay" is in quotations because to me "Gay" is just another word to exclude us from all being one nation.

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