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Street Lights

March 5, 2009
By Anonymous

There are street lights on every street, but some of them don't work or really far apart. Street lights allow us to see at night. I think that all street lights should always be in working condition, and on when it gets dark outside. I also think that there should be more street lights in certain areas.
First, sometimes some of the street lights either flicker until it dies out, or they just never goes on. For example, on the street that I live on, we only have three street lights and they are all spread out far apart. I walk home a lot at night from my sister's house and sometimes I walk and it's hard to get my key in the keyhole to open the door. Usually it's hard to do things outside at night with not much light.

Second, street lights need to be working so people who come home late can see. The city should put more lights on the streets that are dark on Halloween, when kids go trick or treating, a lot of children's' parents don't let their kids go on certain streets because it's dark and something bad could happen, like the kid could get kidnapped or lost. If you're older, and you can go alone, but you probably won't want to because it's dark. I never went down streets like that because I think that it is a little scary, even if I was with others.

Third, some people walk home at night from a friend's house or from a job that lets them out late, like at nine or ten o'clock. A lot of people that I know that work get out at nine, and either have to walk home or ride their bike home, even if their family has a car. If I got a job, I know that I would have to walk because my mom doesn't know how to drive, and in the neighborhood I live in, we don't have many street lights. We have like two or three only. One of them doesn't even work and it's in front of my house. The other one is all the way at the other side of the block and the other one is another half a block down and it flashes on and off a lot.

In conclusion I hope that in the future there will be more street lights that are better and in working condition. I also hope that others see this topic the way that I do too.

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