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October 3, 2007
By Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
Kathryn Mahan PLATINUM, Fredonia, Kansas
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Time cares not of our schedules, our plans, our breakdown of itself, our intent upon solving its mysteries. Therefore our dates of birth and death matter not; they are forever unpredictable and truly unchartable in Time. Our existence is obviously going to end, but what happens between birth and death is known as Life. Life and Time are strongly connected. To learn from Time, we must be so desperate to learn. Time is always continuing, steadily, and does not waver. The Past then, is forever gone, and Time does not care. Perhaps, then, we should do as Time does, for it has been here since the world began, since any thing and every thing in the Universe came into existence; its past has no end or beginning.
Time and Life do nothing to offend or harm, it is the men that try to mold them, to change them for conveinience. Time refuses to be molded; men take it as a personal insult and have wars against one another, for a war against Time in no war at all; Time can outlast men, and will not fight, yet it will certainly win. Therefore, we would do well to not interfere, to let Time do as it pleases, to accept its word as law: there is no way it can sensibly be taken otherwise.
I am not attempting to classify or explain Time. I am giving a view, an opinion, and I know not of the truth or lies in my words, nor does any man. Of the Unknown, all we can do is speculate and try to discover things which we shall classify as fact and believe to be true. Someday, perhaps we will come to know that all our facts are faulty, are illusions, and this knowledge shall leave us utterly crushed and feeling alone. We want to feel what we do is important, what we believe is right, that we will be remembered when we are no longer living. Eventually, though we will all be forgotten, humans will have vanished, and the Earth will revert to its orginal state, as in the theory of Intropy. But still, even if the Earth itself is destroyed before Intropy can take effect, such as in some satellite collision or chemical war, Time shall remain, Life under its wing, moving on to some other planetary body, where the story of Earth, and the others before it shall be told again.

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