August 27, 2012
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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In life, we get what we don't want, and don't get what we want. Many poeple pray to God asking for their needs and wants but feel that God does not answer them. There are times were i have doubthed God and later realized my mistakes. Sometimes we christians, who claim to worship God, dont worship him well. Christians sometimes feel that their problems are so huge that God can't solve, or will God give them what their heart desires. The bible says that, if you doubt Him, then don't suppose to recieve anything from him. He is not a God who give things one day and fails the next, He is a just God and you wont ask anything from God, that you wont recieve. If you ask in faith you will recieve it. Many people tend to stop following God because they dont have patience in waiting. Without patience in life, every thing you do wont turn out well. When God doesnt give you something, it doesnt mean that he doesnt want to answer your prayers. Every time you pray, it is answered but you have to understand that God time is not the same as yours.Prayer is very effective in our life. At His appropraite time, He would give you what is best for you and more in abondons. If only you have patience and wait on the lord, you would go beyound any ones expectation. Times when i feel that my prayers are not answered, it is always a deception. Am not here to critize any ones beleave . If you loose hope in God, the devil would control your life and lead you to destraction. Life brings it problems but if you blieve that things would be fine, it will be. Every thing that happens in life, takes patience. Having patience is one of the greatest things ever. Without patience, you can never take your time to understand what ever is going on around you.

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on Jun. 4 2017 at 10:52 am
Lord, I confess I've made mistakes, I have accumulated too much debt, and now I cannot imagine overcoming it without your help. Please Lord, I beg you to intercede on my behalf. Provide me with finances to able me to breath again. Please Lord, forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right decisions throughout my life. In your name I pray. Amen. Morine Barnes 58. Donald 59, Myola 37