August 27, 2012
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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What goes up must come down

If you are determined to do anything you set your mind to, you will accomplish it. Many athletes including myself have always been moved by the phrase. It motivates us to become better at things we do. As an athlete i wonder what happens when the cheering is over. What happens when there is no one to support you in things you do? what happens when your career is done? What happens when all your money and power is no more? What happens when nobody likes you in the years to come? What happens when the rising star becomes a nobody. Lot of things run through my mind as coaches, teachers, and friends tell me to keep up the good work.With the respect and generosity that i get around in and out of school, i know that God will always be on my side in things that i do. Taking a look at the (NFL) national football league, there have been many football players who have come from being poor to being wealthy and others who have worked hard for their dreams to come through. One of the greatest guy to play football was Junior Seau. May his soul rest in peace. What didn't this guy have. You name it, the cars, house, money but to this day number 55 is no more. As with many players after their professional career is done, you wont hear from them again. With Seau though he would be remembered, many people don't realize that possessions in this world won't take you any where. Junior was an amazing player. Looking at his high lights and plays, i imagine myself being him but that just a dream. The cheering has stopped for Junior and i know how terrible the family would be feeling. Many athletes don't kill themselves because of what they do, but having a guilt feeling of what they haven't accomplished and being depressed all the time. Junior to me was a great athlete. Having all the support and the fame, today Junior is no more. Looking at a christian path, i don't know the religious affliction of Seau but many athletes don't thank the Almighty for things that he does for them. It either they are not believes or they just don't care to thank him. Looking at Tebow, i think he is what you call a true athlete. The guy works so hard to be where he wants to be but after every game, the guy says thank you to God. I am not saying that life for Tebow is going great but i think he is one of the inspirational quarterbacks i know that will continue to improve their game. He may have his up and downs but if Tebow lives the NFL, his name would still be one of the best out there. Tebows faith is what has got him where he is. As i continue to participate in sports, i think that though the lights may turn off sometimes i have God to turn to. When the cheering stops for me as an athlete, i hope people will think of me as "one day as so this player, he changed my life and he's my inspiration". Having a good name is better than having your reputation ruined. When the cheering stops, what would become of us. What would people see us as?Your faith and believe is what will take you were you want to be.

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