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Merry Whatever Doesn't Offend You

November 18, 2013
By Propheteer GOLD, Sudbury, Other
Propheteer GOLD, Sudbury, Other
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I love Christmas. I really do. It’s not about the presents for me, even though I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them, but it’s about my family and the peacefulness that can’t be found throughout the rest of the year. I countdown the days to the wonderful occasion. In my house, we say Merry Christmas. We eat Christmas dinner. We exchange Christmas presents. We celebrate Christmas. So why is it “politically incorrect” to use the word Christmas?

Now before you go jumping to conclusions, calling me a racist, I’m not. But I do think it is more than a little ridiculous that we have to say “Happy Holidays”. Even at school, they push this on us. I got in to a debate with my Civics teacher that lasted almost the whole class about why I refuse to use the term “Happy Holidays.” I agree whole-heartedly that we should be accepting and respectful of other people’s beliefs, but this is taking it too far. I find it increasingly difficult to watch “Holiday” specials on TV because I this term is becoming more and more prevalent. Who are you offending by saying Merry Christmas?

Honestly, if you are watching a television station that is run mostly by people who celebrate Christmas, not Kwanzaa or anything else, and they say “Merry Christmas” or refer to it as Christmas time, and you’re offended by that, you’re the one with the problem. People preach about being respectful of others’ beliefs, so why can’t they be respectful of people who celebrate Christmas. If there’s an African station that uses Kwanzaa, why would I be offended by that? They’re not saying “Forget Christmas, their religion is wrong. Celebrate Kwanzaa!”, and neither are Christians or Atheists or whoever celebrates Christmas. The reality is, you have to respect people, but you also have to respect the beliefs of the majority. To be offended by someone promoting their holiday is an absolute joke.

There is also a ridiculous double standard for other holidays. When the Cadbury Creme Egg commercials start airing and say “They’re only here until Easter”, there’s no uproar! Even though Easter is a Christian holiday, celebrated mostly by Christians and Atheists, nobody is crying out saying “I don’t celebrate Easter! I’m offended by this commercial for chocolate!”.

But whatever. We live in the “pleaser generation”, where the mere uttering of a race is considered racist, or saying someone of a different race is bad at something is racist. People need to grow up. At the end of the day, if we weren’t so sensitive as a society, we wouldn’t have people complain about the advertisement of a different religion’s holiday. So celebrate what you want and I’ll respect it, but from me, Merry Christmas everyone!

The author's comments:
Let people celebrate what they want!

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Pigasus said...
on Nov. 29 2013 at 11:50 pm
Pigasus, San Jose, California
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I don't really know whether to agree with you or not on this one. I do think that for t.v. it is a bit extreme to say happy holidays, but I think most people just think of christmas when they say holiday.  However, my family does not celebrate christmas(we celebrate the winter solstice).  It kind of is annoying if at school they have an assembly where they sing we wish you a merry christmas. Not that I'd want them to sing we wish you a happy holiday season, or even we wish you a happy solstice, but still. I understand your point, but sometimes it is just better to say something that will please the most people. Well written though.