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Lebron James

June 4, 2019
By NatE_PImeNtAL BRONZE, England, New Hampshire
NatE_PImeNtAL BRONZE, England, New Hampshire
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Recently Lebron James decided to go to the LA Lakers…  This prediction is going to prove why his choice was the worst decision made in the history of the planet!  

On the first game of the season Lebron is going to be at an all time low, because the Cavs are going to get wrecked by him until this crazy streaker comes on to the court and mocks him at half time.  Lebron will go to catch him, but then the crazy streaker will end up being Kyrie Irving, who uses his fancy footwork and makes Lebron fall over, and break his ankles!

After that, Lebron’s whole career will go downhill.  He will go to get his ankle checked out, but on his way to the hospital a gang of Golden State Warriors fans will attack his limo ambulance.  They hijacked and bring him to a lil’ Tay concert. Lebron is going to get handcuffed to a chair for the whole thing. By the end of the concert his ears are going to be completely bleeding and he will have lost 5% of his brain cells.  

Soon the NYPD show up in LA and escort him to the hospital.  It is going well, until he gets to his room that he would be staying at for 2 days.  Justin Bieber is staying in the same room. Justin is in the hospital because he was giving out high fives out to his fans, because you know he’s famous and it’s what performers do, but he missed one of his fans.  So she was upset because she didn’t get one and asked Justin if she could have one. But he just got all up in her grill and started yellin’ at her. Then Justin slipped off the stage and broke his collarbone. Lebron and Justin combined will have more paparazzi than Bill Belichick saying something other than, “We are just looking forward for the next game.”  

By then, Lebron will have been asked the same questions so many times that he will get severe brain damage.  At this point he will have gotten wrecked by his former teammate, lost about 7% of his brain cells, and had about 300 guests waiting to meet him and Justin Bieber in the local hospital.

Finally, 13 months later when Lebron has started to remember his own name and his ankle has fully healed.  It is a huge deal. He will be all over ESPN and on the cover of every sports magazine that has been sold for weeks.  

Then there was a huge upset…  At his first game, he scores 5 points, and lower than low.  The Lakers cut his contract and nobody will take him. He would be so bad even his  family will leave him. This will all happen within 1½ years.

That is why Lebron Raymone James going to the LA Lakers is the worst decision in human history.

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