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Read Between the Lines

December 7, 2009
By Anonymous

When you go to a football game what do you notice? The football team, the cheerleaders, the concession stand? Not many people would say the flag line and drum line. During a football game, half-time is the typical time to get some snacks and take a break from the stands. Half time is the band’s, drum line’s, and flag line’s time to shine on the field. When on the field, they have to perform a number of memorized movements. The flag line has to do this while twirling the flags in synchronization and the drum line does this while playing their music. “I have been in the drum line for six years. I am now a section leader, senior, and have seen the band grow from thirty to about fifty people. The drum line sets the tempo and is the back bone of the band,” says Hunter Greene. “The drum line tends to have the label of head of the band. But a good band has to blend.” Our school has had a long history of accomplishments in school activities. Drum line and flag line have had several achievements in their art over the past few years. With great accomplishments come great responsibilities. Both drum line and flag line has to practice after school, just like any other sport or school organization. They practice Tuesday through Thursday from 3:30 to six o’clock. They attend all of the football games, home or away, as near as St.Pius to as far as Baylor.

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