December 25, 2011
By RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
RandyA. GOLD, Bergenfield, New Jersey
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What goes up must come down

Mental strength is one of the things that we humans lack. As an athlete, I lack mental strength sometimes and that is prevalent. Mental strength is something that can be learned. When someone thinks negative of themselves all the time,they start to break down. In the scenes of breaking down, they turn to feel that nothing they do is better or good enough. In the scenes of not having the mentality to be who you are, people would always walk on you. To be mentally strong is being able to get negative thoughts out of your head. As a wrestler when i am on the mat with an opponent, my mind is completely clean. Physically i know i can break my opponent down but mentally i am scared. Learning from my mistakes, to be mentally strong comes with lot of changes. One way to be mentally strong is being motivated. Motivation comes with pushing yourself through hard times and not given up. Another way to be mentally strong is when ever you are in competition, you have to visualize what you are going to do. In visualizing you have to do think of things you have learned and break your opponent down. Having a strong mentality comes with lot of sacrifices. It gets to a point where people lose their mentality and everyone can learn to change that. You have to be positive in things you do. Being tough comes with having a positive mind. Saying to yourself that you are better in what you do and work hard through the pain and sacrifices, would always push you forward. what is not good, is when people get carried away with how great they are. It is good to be strong physically and mentally but it not good to be presumptuous sometimes.

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