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Collin Klein for Heisman

October 31, 2012
By super8 PLATINUM, Manhattan, Kansas
super8 PLATINUM, Manhattan, Kansas
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"You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out!"

Of course, K-State is much too humble to bluntly parade that opinion around the world of college football. They instead prefer the term “Most valuable player.” The flyer that was sent around the country promoting Collin Klein does not show his face, only his bleeding arm and bandage. “Be tough, mentally and physically.”

I don’t think Klein would have it any other way. His focus is not on the award, and he’s made that perfectly clear. His focus is on winning the next game, supporting his team, his family, his university and his community. He consistently makes plays, pushes himself to his upmost potential, braces through tough conditions on the field, and in the end always wins. The award means nothing to him in comparison to these priorities, and that is exactly why he deserves the award more than any other.”Self-Discipline; Do it right, and don’t accept less.”

Klein is an individual like no other, and not just on the football field. He is smart; he plays the violin and piano, he’s an accounting major, and a man of great faith. He will point to his faith as the most important thing in his life, and he is said to go to church every Sunday, despite how sore he is from the previous day’s game. Not only does he point to his faith as a reason for success on the field, but he gives all the rest of the credit to his teammates, coaches and players. They are all just one big happy family, and as their honey badger (as he was once nicknamed), Klein is the leader of the pack. He is their role model; the perfect wildcat. He never curses in a game, but if you listen closely, you might hear a “jeepers” here and there. When things go wrong, perhaps a pass is incomplete, a run is stuffed for a loss, or it’s time to punt, Klein will simply clap his hands, and coolly transition into the next play. Most Heisman candidates are not capable of keeping their composure like this. Geno Smith, the former Heisman frontrunner, would throw fits and panic after every touchdown his team gave up to K-State. When the Heisman talk latches onto a player, often his ego gets the best of him, but not with Klein. I believe that is what separates him from the rest. ”Unselfishness; There is no “I” in team.”

All Klein has done is won games. To be a Heisman winner, you need to be just that, a winner. In 23 starts, Klein has a 19-4 record. No, he doesn’t play for a big name program like Ohio State, Alabama or Texas, instead he plays at a mid size school in the heart of Kansas. Champions can win at small schools, and players like Robert Griffin of Baylor have proven that. Klein is capable of following in their footsteps, and it’s his smarts, size and quickness that would get him there. K-State head coach Bill Snyder knows his quarterback is capable of big things, and has placed his trust in him. That’s an accomplishment not many players can claim. Snyder has set up the option offense with Klein perfectly placed in “the driver’s seat”. Do you hand the ball off to John Hubert, tuck the ball and run it yourself, toss the ball back to Tyler Lockett, or drift back into a play action pass? These are the thoughts probably rolling through Collin’s mind during every play, and most often, he makes the right decision. It’s no coincidence he is among the nation’s best in passing efficiency, and has limited himself to only two interceptions. Many players would fall apart under this kind of stress, but not Klein. I believe it’s his good decisions that keep him winning games, as well as his unbelievable consistency.

“Do your very very best every time.”

Lastly, Collin Klein makes plays. If you were to play college football fantasy football, I’m sure he’d be a top five pick. He has a nose for the end zone; he can run it in as well as pass. This year alone, he has 28 total touchdowns. Klein isn’t what you consider a “quick strike” type of player, but if you need someone who is consistent and reliable, he is just what the doctor ordered. He always falls forward, and by the goal line, defenses cannot stop him from scoring. Klein is what keeps the K-State offense on its feet, and he is what keeps K-State head and shoulders above its rivals. He believes every game can be won, and that’s why he keeps pushing himself, play after play. “No self-limitations.”

Collin Klein deserves this award, not only for K-State, but for college football. There is no man in the game that plays harder on the field, is as devoted to his goals, as humble or is as excellent a leader as Klein. He keeps winning, not only because of his physical gifts, but also thanks to his intelligence, good decision making, and his willingness to be a team player. Let’s face it; college football is a selfish sport, made up of chains of greed, high egos, and excessive pride. At a time of scandals such as those that went on at Ohio State and Penn State, Klein shows us a brighter side to the sport. It’s a side built up of teamwork, loyalty, and family. It’s the side where hard work really does pay off in the end, and it’s the side where dreams really do come true. Klein not only deserves this award because he sticks to his priorities, but because we should stick to ours. Which type of college football do we want? By choosing Klein, we are choosing the brighter path. “Expect to win, and truly believe we will.”

The author's comments:
The quotes at the end of each paragraph are some of Coach Bill Snyder's 16 keys for success.

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on Jan. 23 2013 at 5:32 pm
super8 PLATINUM, Manhattan, Kansas
30 articles 9 photos 21 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You ain't ever gonna burn my heart out!"

Unfortunatly, I don't think Teo would have been a good choice, given "the girlfriend" hoax.  This was written before K-State lost, so it's really lost relevance.   

bill greys said...
on Nov. 15 2012 at 9:02 am
bill greys, Goose Creek, Pennsylvania
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sorry man but i like Manti Te'O from Notre Dame. he deserves it.