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November 5, 2012
By amandalewe SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
amandalewe SILVER, Chantilly, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!”—Audrey Hepburn
"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"—Vincent Van Gogh
"Failure is success if you learn from it."—Malcolm Forbes

I believe snowboarding is the best way to instill discipline and patience. As I breathe of the sharp cold air, a shiver of adrenaline flows through my veins. I see the emerald evergreens sparkling in the sun and feel the powder-like snow below my snowboard. The wind gushes on my rough face as I slowly descend the perpendicular slope. A chill of excitement runs up and down my spine as I attempt to maneuver through the colossal moguls. This riveting feeling is why us snowboarders are in complete love with the sport.

Though, I will admit that snowboarding can be extremely arduous and vigorous to learn. On the first day of attempting to snowboard, I could barely make it down the facile bunny slope. It felt as if the ski resort made the slope hard just for my own embarrassment. As I cautiously descend what feels like Mount Everest, I catch an edge and inexplicably wipe out. I feel an excruciatingly fierce pain in my wrist. When I take off my wet glove, my wrist is swollen and discolored. After a humiliating walk down the mountain and x-ray, I soon discover that I have broken my wrist. Snowboarding not only takes a lot of practice for beginners, but it makes one grow in their mentality.

Once I was able to conquer the bunny slope and became a more advanced snowboarder, I learned to overcome more barriers. In snowboarding, there are many obstacles, such as moguls and ice. These hurdles make it difficult for me to snowboard as efficiently, but it teaches me to have more discipline. The beauty of snowboarding is that there are constantly new things to learn. In order to be the best snowboarder, there is a need to be open to learning. I have realized that life is like snowboarding—there are moguls, but in the end we can succeed. This I believe.

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