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Social Crave

April 11, 2009
By claysa diamond BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
claysa diamond BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Laughing, gossip, parties, relationships
fights, crying, independence
it's all stuff teens crave
we can live without but we won't say it
we all regret yet hide it
we won't stand alone on a social scale
but in the dark we are all equal
we wonder what he'd think if he really knew
or what she would say if she found out
we live to love then destroy
to grow then to shrink
to tell a great story
but was it worth it
we live this life as a daily basis
all those people we see standing in that dark freely we crave to be them
yet we won't risk it on our social scale
we make fun of others to bring ourselves up
we divide ourselves into cliques
but do we really "clique" with them
we seperate to impress
to feel more important
to be noticed
to be someone
but was it worth it...
to make her cry because she is fat
to break their heart because of your own socail status
on the inside we hate what we do
but on the outside we crave it

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