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March 28, 2009
By Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
Kristen Whalen SILVER, Shawnee, Kansas
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Love conquers all.
Hidden in the blackest trees,
Light is found.
As the last ending,
A new beginning.
Running around like children,
Blind with a feeling of comfort.
Life has thrown many twists and turns my way,
Time reveals all struggles.
Like the key to my heart,
a new opportunity is opened.
To take the shattered and the broken,
Lifeless and unusable alone.
Combined creating magic,
When many become one whole.
Like a star in the sky,
a drop in the ocean
a book in a library,
a painting in a museum,
They come together inspiring something beautiful.
Not focusing on the negatives,
but rather living in the present.
Not dwelling on the past,
but looking towards what comes next.
Not relying on the future,
but putting your trust in the hands of God.

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