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Palmer's Peak

April 23, 2009
By Dean Hicks BRONZE, Austin, Texas
Dean Hicks BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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Children run through the cool waters of the fountains

Parents sit on the granite ledges wishing they were young again

The sun waits patiently overhead, illuminating the plaza with its friendly rays

There’s not a cloud in the sky and it seems as if there are no troubles in the world

Mid-day approaches, expelling nearly everybody from the plaza with its unforgiving heat

All people want is to enjoy the shelter of their homes

To be alone in the air conditioning, far away from nature

At last, evening arrives and the sun begins to calm down after its crescendo

People once again fill the plaza as if the cruel heat of mid-day was never there

Children seem equally energized, however parents seem more tired than before

Golden red leaves smother the fountain area

The sun loses its energy as the weather slowly cools

Children play in the fountain, but they are less excited than they were in the Summer

However things aren’t bad

Two teenagers have a picnic next to the fountain

The weather is cool but not cold

And water erupts from the plaza’s ground

Soothing winds brush over everything; enhancing the peaceful atmosphere,

While at the same time warning of the dramatic changes which will soon occur.

Everyone knew it was coming.

Winter sweeps over the plaza without a second thought, leaving it desolate and unwanted.

The fountains’ eruptions are lonely having nobody to shower

They almost seem awkward being alone in such a cold, unfriendly environment

Around mid-afternoon, three adolescents populate the plaza

They sit on the granite ledges and smoke cigarettes in their black clothes

Soon after the weather scares them away, leaving the plaza deserted once more

As the day progresses, the temperature diminishes, scaring all life from the plaza

The water of the fountains gradually turns to a thin layer of ice as it rests on the ground

It is not quite cold enough, however, to stop the fountains in action

Their incessant outbursts continue throughout all seasons

After a powerful rain, the first signs of spring becomes evident

One tree sprouts pretty, green life from its branches

The sun peaks through the winter clouds, providing the plaza with pleasant warmth

People cautiously approach the fountains as if they are afraid it can not be that time yet

But there is no need to be cautious

Spring is here and everything restarts at the beginning

Our lives are merely works of the seasons

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