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a storm

April 24, 2009
By Laura Zasada BRONZE, Champaign, Illinois
Laura Zasada BRONZE, Champaign, Illinois
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to be enraptured in a single event no human can recreate;
to experience the marvels of a storm.

-lightning and thunder.
-rain and wind.

the call of the beast, it roars a challenge.
tempting us to run, or stay and fight.
the sound of thunder, not only heard but felt as it rumbles through a body.
signaling the release of lightning; a fanfare to the world.

better than any firework, lightning.
it streaks across the sky splitting the world in two.
giving us temporary light in the darkness of the clouds.
making us all but silhouettes, painting shadows on the land.

the beating drum, the endless torrent.
the rain keeps time to the dance, splashing the tempo on the ground.
it runs off the skin, and pours down your face.
embracing you in its arms to make you its own.

the howling wind adding a voice to the song.
tearing through the terrain, whipping though the trees.
lifting your spirit, taking you into the thick of it all.
moving the storm, giving it life.

the storm is living and also giving life.
it nourishes the earth and well as the soul.
no one sentence can describe the feelings evoked.
to live in the passion of a storm.

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