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...With Just My Luck...

April 30, 2009
By _TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
_TruStr_ PLATINUM, Muskegon, Michigan
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With just my luck I miss the bus and half to wait nearly another hour.

With just my luck I make it to school only to be sent to in school restriction.

With just my luck I injure myself in a track meet; one day before the city meet.

And with just my luck it rains right before we begin.

With just my luck I see the guy I really wanted to be with whisked away.

And with just my luck I can tell I wasn't wanted anyway.

With just my luck I am banished from a world I love, no matter how fictious it may be.

With just my luck I can hardly finish writng that awesome action story.

With just my luck I have an F in math, and with it comes losing my lunch just to get help.
That path!

With just my luck I have to surrender to the tale of Romeo and Juliet, for my Honors English hasn't ended it yet.

With just the darned luck I have, I find that being attractive and being together just don't want to work for me.

Plain to see with the luck I have.

Jinx is what my brother calls me,
even if he means no harm.
But with just my luck he's right everytime.

With just my luck I 'might' pass math with a D, but for the prize money I was promised I must maintain something higher than a C.

*sigh* See?

With just my luck I a drop a book in the mud that isn't mine.

Money coming out of my pocket; dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes.

With just my luck I can rhyme.

But in my class writing proper academic paragraphs I have a hard time.

It's a sob story, yes this I know.

But can you explain my horrible luck? No?

With just my luck I won't get a reply.

Or a comment or a critique, any one that I can find.

With just my luck my cell phone will charge,
only to have it dirty tomorrow.

With just my luck I will succeed to run really, really fast.

Please wish me luck, 'cause somehow I feel I might not be up for that!

The author's comments:
As you can see, my week has not been the best... Oh the sorrow, lol. Oh the agony!

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