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You Don't Know Me...

October 14, 2019
By wilkay08 BRONZE, Cisco, Illinois
wilkay08 BRONZE, Cisco, Illinois
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You don’t know me at all. My eyes say that I like you. My heart says something else. You think you're funny. You aren't. You made me feel that I couldn't live without you then...You broke me. You. You think i'm sassy and rude. I'm not. That's you. You as in the one that tore me to pieces. The one that made me cry myself to sleep at night. The one that made me feel like I was nothing. I know who you are. You aren't fooling me. I saw you at times. Hurting others. Like you hurt me. You broke me. The words you spit at me. The glares you gave me. The things you did to me. Showed me. Showed me who you are. No one else sees. Other than me. You think you are making me sad and mad. But no. Do you get under my skin.  Or do you not. You don't know me at all. My eyes that shine like stars. My smile that is sharper than a blade. My background is rough. You scared? You should be. I have more power than you think. 

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