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Twilight's Wonders

May 11, 2009
By Sheridan PLATINUM, Spokane, Washington
Sheridan PLATINUM, Spokane, Washington
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By the time you are done reading this you will have wasted 10 seconds of your life.

The steady, quiet rhythm of the lake
Moving back and forth on the pearly beach
Hypnotizing, my soul it will soon take
Beauty just beyond my desperate reach

Orbs shining in the abyss of the night
Big and small clusters of the Milky Way
Sowed to the dark velvet of the twilight
Something you never see in the day

With my cheeks press against the cool night’s grass
I feel the bumps and flaws of the soil beneath
Hoping this night will never have to pass
While gnats encircle my head like a wreath

As the sun trickles down the sapphire sky
I take off from the ground, I grow wings, I can fly

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