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You Can't Come In

May 15, 2009
By Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
Xinwen PLATINUM, Brossard, Other
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Yo, how do you know what I’m doing?

Really, it’s kind of freaky

What? Watching?
Lurking, Waiting?

Wait. A window?

What window?

Hiding in what?

The pear tree’s shadow?
Where the pears are still ripe, you say?

No way, that’s just too weird.

Hang on, caller ID
You’re on a cell, I see

I hear a motor engine over the phone
Sounds like the bike that just sped down the street
And there, under the tree, alone
A figure stands, erect on his feet

Could that possibly be you?

What are you here to do?

Hey man, answer me
You’re crossing the street
That is you, isn’t it?
Stop, Explain
What do you want from me?

What was that?

The doorbell
It’s ringing
That’d be well
If you were talking

What did you say?

What, are you crazy?
I’m not letting you in
You’re making me dizzy
Pressure, can’t think

But no.

You can’t come in.

I’m sorry!
Don’t get angry
Just chill, alright?
You’re being weird
I’m sorry...

Stop! Don’t bang!

I’ll call the police
I’m not bluffing
Stop! Freeze!
The door’s not opening
Anytime soon
Not for a crazy loon

It’s not funny!
I’m dead serious
I’ve got a gun, you know
It’s time for you to go

No, I really do
On the net
When we first met
I told you my dad was a hunter

Of course I can shoot!
Do you doubt it?
I don’t want to, that’s true
But my other options are few

Because no.

You can’t come in.

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