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May 4, 2009
By ElizabethMarie927 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ElizabethMarie927 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I always hear of a place called heaven
And how I will go there
sooner or later

But nobody can tell me
What I’ll see
Where it is
Who I’ll see
Why it’s where it is

These questions have all been asked before
And all anyone can say in response to them
Is that Jesus is there
And God
And happiness thrives
In the light
of that world

Now I wonder
The questions that
Are unanswerable
They are asked about
The beyond
The unknown
The unseen

When I picture
I see
Everyone I love
Smiles, Laughter
God, Jesus
Perfect Harmony
No fighting among
People who know they
Love each other
For a reason
And are together
For a reason

When I arrive at heaven
I picture the things
That are in the stories
That everyone is told

The golden gates
With my own
Guardian angel
Waiting for me
And only me

It’ll be a perfect world
That I know
Living through this
H*ll on earth
Will be worth

The author's comments:
Deep in thought again. I write what i think. And here it is, for you to read and think of your own heaven. your own expectancies. Good luck

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