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Molly- A Sestina

May 29, 2009
By Alexandra Bishop SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Alexandra Bishop SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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Sometimes we just drove
and wasted gas to talk about the days
when a shining sun could make us breathe easy
and love was just love was just love.
We both could ignore tomorrow
and hate the one who made us think

in realities. And I know she thinks
you are much too much and you drive
her crazy but tomorrow
maybe she’ll see you like I do day after day.
Don’t you know that everything is made in love?
And it can be easy

to say you’ll change, but don’t change. Nothing’s easy
right now, and I wish you wouldn’t think
too hard. Remember when we loved
to sing? And we’d drive
down your road each day
too loud to sound good and tomorrows

were lost in song and laughter and tomorrow
neither of us are this naive. It’s easy
for you to hate them and their "I love you’s" are a day
too late but they always make you think
it won’t be so bad. You’ve driven
to the edge, my dear, and love

can only get you so far, love’s
beginning to fray, so maybe tomorrow
it will be broken. Let’s leave. And drive
around the city, lights bouncing on wet pavement, easy
souls and easy skin to be in now, I think,
for a second I need your strange anger. Days

are passing slowly now, days
are for remembering how to love
without consequence and out of more than necessity. Thinking
on wet roads that maybe tomorrow
they’ll all come back. I wish it were that easy
and I watch you cry as I drive

miles of tomorrows covered in one day
and it’s easy to see how it drives you down
but I think I’ll always love you.

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on Jul. 17 2011 at 3:56 pm
HollyBell BRONZE, Orpington, Kent, Other
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I really like this poem. It's imagery and meaning are portrayed almost effortlessly. I like the image it puts in my head and how that I find it hard deciding whether it's a happy or a sad poem. I've also checked out your other work and it's clear that you are very talented. The way your write is very well that I wouldn't be surprised if I saw your work in anthologies years to come. Well done.